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KweKwe Kudo at Gabisa


Sadani Pamberi of SonstraalGlanzerie Paleface (Imp)Magnero of Glanzerie
Lionhill Babela of Glanzerie
Gunthwaite BetsyeBurncote Baron
Gunthwaite Annalova
Kwekwe Kasiki
(Hip Score 6:5)
Burncote BaronCH Gunthwaite Aristocat
Gunthwaite Hannah
Kwekwe Kim
(Hip Score 3:3)
CH Iannto of Janak
Tembiwe Nyoni

Date of Birth:

3 June, 1998
Hip Score:0:0
Breeder:Mr Sid & Mrs Pat Thorne (Kwekwe)




Kudo was Mr Personality. 

He was also Alpha dog of the pack (can't you tell from the photo!) and kept everything running smoothly in the household. 


The sweetest boy ... We had to make the heartbreaking decision to let our boy go on 10th May 2011 and there is a void in our hearts which no other will ever fill.  Kudo has been the dog who spoiled us for any other breed.  He is missed every single day.