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Shongwe Jabala of Gabisa

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Cartouche Rakadisa
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Gunthwaite Betsye

Date of Birth:

17 August, 2002
Hip Score:0 : 0
Breeder:Mrs Cheryl Dick (Shongwe)


Mr Nightmare ! 

Bruno was a big puppy his whole life.  He was the escape artist and when we moved house within 3 days had managed to let everyone out while we weren't home.  We came home to the police in the village and in our open house and while Kudo and Inja stayed at the house, Milo could be heard barking at the villagers and Bruno was AWOL for over an hour.  This gave him a real fear of strangers.  He was such a wonderful pet and it seemed such a shame to spoil it by stressing him out in the show ring which he disliked - particularly as he doted on our daughter Chloe !    Milo was his best pal and his idol.

Bruno died in 2014.